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17 April 2009









Akarsura(Ak-ar-suh-ra)- Secrets
lie within..To power and destruction

Genre:- TO be decided















Act I

IN..There is a citizen shown telling the ones beside him “The queen has given
birth to a girl, happy days are here again”. This news is shown being passed on
from one person to another and then crowd slowly goes into a celebratory mood.
People are shown dancing, singing, distributing sweets and children running all
around screaming “The heir is born, the heir is born”.


Suddenly the clouds go black and lightning strikes. A nearby banyan tree is
burnt to ashes; people are thrown into a sudden state of shock. Out of the smoke
comes a very war ready woman with devilish characteristics. She is tall to look
at and has a pointy face with deep red eyes. Her armor is thick and unearthly.
Once the smoke around her blows away she steps forward, and looks around at the
trembling town folk and gives a half smile. She then moves ahead towards the
town hall, the citizen’s move away giving her way. The king on receiving news
about this abomination takes action to protect his queen and daughter. He then
arms himself, and moves towards the town hall. FADE OUT…

IN… The town hall is a building with huge pillars with sculptures on them and armored
guards at the entrances there are paintings of ancestors. In the middle there
is a huge elevation on top of which is a golden throne with a lion head
protruding from the top. Then out of the main entrance he sees her and his eyes
widen in fear. Moving towards the throne she says “DASHARATH I am SAKASHU the
ruler of the neither land and have come to warn you of an impending doom.

Your daughter is in danger to be killed unless you can take measures to protect
her.” To this the king looks aghast and shouts out “SAKASHU how dare you say
such a thing.” SAKASHU replies, “I am not speaking lies ruler, but am merely
warning you. Unless you take care to protect your daughter with a protector
that can do no wrong and has no desires, you shall loose her to me on the 12th
day of the 12th month.” A cloud of smoke is seen and she vanishes
from scene. FADE OUT…

Act I summary

clouds are dark and the princess is lying asleep, RECAHUH is there protecting
her. While he looks at the princess asleep he stares at the open window and realizes
that there are 5 ways in which an attack is possible at this location. He then
moves around in the room and secures it placing traps. Then he moves into his
part of the chamber and then rests his body slightly on the bed provided for
him. Once his eyes are slightly closed, he starts to again dream of a long
corridor and from this place he sees that there is someone attacking the royal

Even though he tries a lot he is unable to make a move. He does not know why
this is happening but every time that he gets this dream he wakes up panting
gasping for air. He then goes out of her room and then takes a walk, during
this time he hears the king and his ministers in deep conversation. All that he
manages to hear about is something relating to the princesses safety and an
imminent threat to the throne.

The next morning during his routine rounds of the castle he sees that WAZIR the
minister and a few of his followers are all grouped together and are muttering
something, upon going a little closer he hears something faintly similar.
Although he is unable to place what he is listening to, he feels that he knows
what is going on and suddenly he gets restless and his heart starts to
palpitate. This happens for the first time and he falls to the ground.

Upon getting up he sees that he is in a room and his hands are tied, through
the dark he hears a voice asking him what he was doing there. To which he
replies that he was merely on his rounds and that he heard nothing and saw
nothing. Then all of a sudden he hears the same chants that were being said
before and he once again goes into a state of shock, but this time he starts
getting visions and flashbacks. He is unsure of what it is that he is seeing
but then at the same time he also is afraid of what is about to come.

Point I

suddenly gets up gasping, and looks around he sees WAZIR standing and looking
down at him. WAZIR says “how are you feeling now”?. RECAHUH replies “I am
feeling fine sir, although I am unsure as to how I came about to being here.
One minute I am looking at you and the next moment I am having these weird
dreams and then am now awake.” “These dreams that you speak of, tell me about
them.” Says WAZIR. “The dreams are always the same I dream of a corridor and
then see that the royal palace is under siege and although I try to move and
help I am unable to since I am all bound up.”

At this moment a guard comes running into the room and says that the king has
called for an urgent meeting, something relating to the princess feeling
unwell. They rush to the palace and then see that the princess is looking
uneasy and is down on the floor. The king shouts at RECAHUH “What happened to
the princess, where were you at night.” “I was right here in the princesses
chambers my lord.” replies RECAHUH.

At the precise moment the princess screams “NO,NO don’t please I beg of you.”
And then faints. RECAHUH runs to her aid and at soon as he touches her, he sees
that she is burning up and is sweating. Aghast at this the king pushes RECAHUH
aside and then moves in to take care of his daughter. After seeing to it that
the medic is trying to cure her the king turns to RECAHUH and shouts “How could
you have let this happen, what is even worse is that u have no idea of what
happened to the princess.” RECAHUH replies “ I was in her room the whole time
my lord and I made sure that nothing or no one could enter with me knowing
about it.”

“looks like you have done a bad job of it, you are hence forth banished from
the palace and are to never be seen here again.” “I give you till tonight to
leave.” “Sir, please do forgive me, for I shall right my wrongs and make the
princess better.” Says RECAHUH. “LEAVE NOW OR I SHALL HAVE YOU KILLED.” Thunders
the king.


2.. FADE IN… Now that he is banished from the palace, RECAHUH is all
disappointed and goes away in search of a place to stay. Seeing that he has no
one else to turn to, WAZIR beckons him to come and stay with him. Although
skeptical about this RECAHUH goes along. FADE OUT… BLACK SCREEN WITH LETTERING…
A few days later… somewhere in the forest… FADE IN… RECAHUH is walking along
with WAZIR and then he is trying to explain to him the dream that he keeps
having, although WAZIR has a slight idea of what the dream is about he say
nothing to RECAHUH. On being explained about the dream, WAZIR says to RECAHUH
that the dream must have something to do with the curse that the princess has
on her and that he should not bother himself too much to find out what it now
since he has been banished from the kingdom. Hearing this RECAHUH feels aghast and
silently starts running away towards the forest.

CUT TO THE NIGHT… sitting in front of a fire RECAHUH suddenly feels a short jab
to his neck and falls down. FADE OUT… FADE IN… RECAHUH is getting up all groggy
and stunned he looks around and sees that he is in WAZIR’s house. He gets up
suddenly and then see that WAZIR is standing and looking at him, he gets up and
asks him what happened to which he is told that he was found lying unconscious
in the forest and that WAZIR had brought him back and then nursed him back to
health… the incident happened 4 days ago… then slowly RECAHUH is told that it
was the king who had ordered his assault and that WAZIR came to know about this
because of his aides that he still has in the king’s circle of trust. Hearing
this RECAHUH starts to burn with anger and suddenly his body get all stiff and

Seeing this WAZIR tells him that he has to exact revenge and that he should
help him in his plot to overthrow the king and takeover the kingdom, to this
first RECAHUH acts surprised at first but as the thought of him being banished
and assaulted starts to set into his head he agrees with WAZIR and starts to
formulate a plan. Seeing that RECAHUH is now on their side, WAZIR finally does
what he had never done before. He take RECAHUH into his secret base, where he
had initially created RECAHUH from CLAY. He shows him the place and the plans
that he has for the king’s death. FADE OUT…

IN…NIGHT TIME… RECAHUH is poised on a mountain scouting the palace to begin the
assault on the King. The king walks onto his balcony and there he looks around
at his kingdom all the same time thinking about the plight that his daughter is
in. His face is all wrinkled with grief and he is unable to really process
thoughts properly. At once glance he looks at the expanse of his kingdom and
that he is ready to give it all up just to see his daughter get back to proper
health and live a normal life. He suddenly sees a flash in the distance and he
knows that it is the sign for a ready signal for war. At once he gets alert and
looks keenly in all directions.

At this very moment RECAHUH suddenly gets a jolt in his body and sees that
WAZIR has pumped some form of liquid into his body. His body starts to heat up
from the inside and he gets a rushing charge of adrenaline. He starts to race
up towards the palace and the king upon spotting his raises the alarm and
quickly starts to secure the room and protect the princess. RECAHUH seeing this
quickens his pace and moves in longer strides towards the palace, he is stopped
by the general and after a battle that lasts for 20 minutes RECAHUH slays the
general and an army of 40 solders. HE then makes his way to the royal chambers,
here he is confronted by the king. The king is firstly surprised at RECAHUH’s
attack on the palace and on the very family that took care of him for so long.
Then seeing that RECAHUH is not able to finish the job WAZIR steps into the
room and issues a oral command to RECAHUH to slaughter the king.

On seeing that WAZIR is the one that is behind all this the king is outraged
and asks WAZIR why he is doing this and why he is playing with RECAHUH’s life.
The two of them go into a heady dialogue about the rights and wrongs. It is at
this time that RECAHUH looks at the princess, as he advances towards her he
again feels a sharp jab, it is WAZIR controlling him and ordering him to attack
and kill the whole royal family now. RECAHUH tries his best to control the urge
to try to resist killing the family. His efforts go in vain as he is unable to
stop himself and he draws his sword and gashes the princess. Realizing the
mistake that he has just committed RECAHUH falls to the ground and for the
first time in his life he emotes…

point(ACT 2)… FADE OUT… FADE IN… RECAHUH is on the floor and is suddenly
overcome with so many emotions. He looks up at WAZIR and asks” why is it that I
am suddenly unable to even look at myself nor am I able to move, my face feels
hot and my body feels weird”. Seeing that the potion was wearing off WAZIR replies
“ The truth is that u are not a human, you are a creation of mine, Made to
protect the princess against all possible evil forces and attacks.”” you were
made from the clay found at the bed of river SAMUDRA.” “ you were never meant
to be able to emote otherwise you wouldn’t be able to protect the princess, but
ever since I was removed from the kings circle of trust I had sworn to take my
revenge and I finally got that chance when I put a spell on the princess and
saw to it that you would be blamed.”” Then once I had you on my side it would
only be a matter of time after I gave you the magic potion that you would start
to feel emotions and be filled with rage and attack the royal family for me.
Thereby leaving me in the clear, but it seems to me now that you are quite
unable to do so.

 For that I shall have to destroy you and
take care of the rest myself”. Saying this WAZIR takes out a bottle containing
a clear liquid, the king realizes that this is the water from the river. The
only thing that can harm RECAHUH, he quickly warns RECAHUH but to no avail. Filled
with rage and anger on being used by WAZIR, RECAHUH makes one final attempt at
an assault on WAZIR and in the battle that ensues along with the help of the
king RECAHUH finally manages to slay WAZIR. He ends up injuring himself also in
the process and falls down almost the same moment that he thrusts the Sword
into WAZIR’s heart. On the floor RECAHUH then looks at the king and says “ sire
forgive me for you were right it was my fault that I couldn’t not protect the
princess and it is because of me that she is now in the state of peril.”
DASARATH replies “nay young one you are the most admirable of my allegiances I
take you to be equal to my son and you were never at fault, had I know earlier
about WAZIR’s plans I would have slain him and all this turmoil would not have
been caused”. The suddenly RECAHUH starts to scream out in pain and his body
starts to turn to clay and harden up. Cracks start to form on his body and he
slowly starts to faint. At that very moment a messenger tell the king that his
daughter has awoken and is starting to speak and walk around. DASARATH falls
down weeping, he is not sure if he is to be happy or sad at this moment in
time. KASATHI comes into the room and sees RECAHUH on the floor and screams at
the top of her lungs and falls to his side. DASARATH narrates to her all that
happened, how WAZIR betrayed them about RECAHUH’s creations. At this point
KASATHI looks at DASARATH and weeps. “Is there no possible way of saving him at
all.” Asks KASATHI,” Not that we know of since he was created by WAZIR and of
late he was also controlled by him we have no way of knowing what to do.” Says DASARATH.
Right before their eyes they see RECAHUH’s body becoming more and more rigid
and start to turn into a solid mass of clay. Finally after a while his complete
body turns into clay and it just lies there. The entire royal family starts to
sob, and the king declares that week a week of mourning in honor of the bravest
man of the kingdom. RECAHUH. Soon after the mourning, in honor of RECAHUH the
king decides to have his clay figure encased in concrete and then placed right
outside the princesses quarters so that she feels safe. Right at the moment
that the encasing is about to being, a huge wall of smoke ensues and out of
that comes SAKASHU. “DASARATH do you know why I have come here,”” Yes I feared
this day would come” replies DASARATH, but I will not let you touch my daughter
whilst I am alive.” Replies DASARATH. “nay king I am not here for your daughter,
but I am here to tell you that even though RECAHUH is no longer with us, since
he was created magically he still has a few powers left inside him and for him
to constantly protect the princess I suggest that you take a small piece of
clay from his body and make an amulet for the princess to wear. This way he
shall always be around the princess and she shall be protected from all evil as
long as she wears the amulet.” Replies SAKASHU. Hearing this DASARATH starts
weeping “Aah RECAHUH even in death you are protecting my family, I was so wrong
to misjudge you from the very start.” FADE OUT… FADE IN… BLACK SCREEN 4 years
later… the princess is shown getting up and coming out onto the balcony and
there she sees the statuette of RECAHUH and then she is shown wearing the amulet,
she is forever protected… and the secrets of Akarsura have been exposed forever
more to power and destruction…

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