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The following are a few basic linux commands u need to know to actually use linux
8 October 2006

The following is a non-comprehensive list of commands that I use regularly and had some difficulty finding when I first started with Linux. These commands are the fundamentals -- absolute basics.

execute a program

Change directory

Go to home dir

Change permissions

Change ownership

Create a new user

Change password

Make an ssh connection
ssh -l

Use text browser

Switch users
su -u

Remote root login
su -u root (after regular connection is made)

Create multiple screens

Check connections

Access a cd
mount /mnt/cdrom

Eject a cd
umount /mnt/cdrom eject

Access irc channel
irc (assuming it is in a directory that is included in your env path)

Access your ipchains or iptables
./ipchains or ipchains (may have to be in directory depending on env path)

Check your location

Send network message

Check network config

Find a file
find / -name -print (wildcards * can be used)

Get info on a program : man
Make a new directory : mkdir

Remove a directory : rmdir

List all files in a directory : ls

Display file content : cat

Copy files : cp

Move files : mv

Search for a keyword : grep

Create a new text doc : pico or vi (if you are a newbie, use pico)

Start X client : startx

Stop a process : kill



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At Mon Oct 09, 06:43:00 am 2006, Blogger Bigmouth

thanks for the info, but you've got a script running wild on your front page. Also it'll REALLY help if you try and keep a post limit on the front page to 4-5. I somehow feel like running away from this place when i see the size ! :)


At Sat Dec 02, 07:13:00 pm 2006, Blogger jay

yo man its cool n can really help in pissing off ma lab supervisors tanx 4 da info dude!!:)