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Yo Homie's Download Time Again . :) ADOBE Acrobat 8 Proffesional FULL DVD !
5 February 2007

Product Features

* Enable anyone using free Adobe Reader software (version 7.0 or 8) to participate in document reviews, fill and save electronic forms offline, and digitally sign documents.

* Combine documents, drawings, and rich media content into a single, polished Adobe PDF document. Optimize file size and arrange files in any order regardless of file type, dimensions, or orientation.

* Send documents for review and track which reviewers have contributed feedback. Compile comments into a single PDF document with one-button ease and sort them by author, date, or page.

* Create Adobe PDF documents with one-button ease from M'zoft Office applications. Windows users can also create Adobe PDF documents from Outlook, Internet Explorer, Project, Visio, Access, Publisher, AutoCAD, and Lotus Notes.

* Combine multiple files as PDF documents in a searchable, sortable PDF package that maintains the individual security settings and digital signatures of each included PDF document.

It took a Loong Time For Me To Upload .. Hope Itll Be Worth It ..
Please Shoe Your Appreciation ( Comments ^-^ )
.. ENJOY !


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