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Abode Photoshop CS3 :D
24 March 2007

The next generation of the professional standard in digital imaging, Adobe Photoshop CS3 delivers new tools and enhancements that enable you to work more productively, edit with unrivaled power, and composite with breakthrough ease and control.

Please note that a beta is, by definition, an unfinished product that may or may not include all the features and functionality that will appear in the final release. And while some may find the quality appropriate for use in a production environment, the beta is not final-release quality and should not be used for critical work. Adobe does not offer technical support for the Photoshop CS3 beta.

The new Adobe Photoshop includes a new user interface, huge improvements to the camera raw, a quick select tool, improved curves and printing controls, a new black & white conversion control, auto align and auto blend, a new and improved bridge, smart filter, and improved cloning & healing tools.

- New! Completely redesigned user interface.
- New! Smart filter.
- New! Auto Align and Auto Blend tool.
- New! Quick Select tool.
- New Black & White conversion control.

- Improved to camera raw.
- Improved cloning and healing.
- Improved curves controls.
- Improved printing controls.
- Improved bridge.

- Adobe Photoshop CS3
- Adobe ImageReady CS3
- Adobe Bridge CS3
- Adobe Device Central CS3
- Adobe Stock Photos CS3


Here is how to crack CS3 and get rid of the trial period:
1) Complete the installation as usual
2) Go to \Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CS3\AMT
3) Rename the file called application.sif to something else, like application.sif_
4) Enjoy !


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