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Handling Ipod File Exclamations
25 July 2007

Annoyance: When i turn on my ipod music player i can see a big folder with a huge exclamation mark on it !!!

The answer: if u are using the ipod on windows make sure that u use the latest ipod software for ur version, otherwise windows may not recognise ur pod.for example a 10 gb ipod can use a version sayyyy 1.3, but it later version with a dock connector can only use a version 2.1.

if u arent sure wqat version ur ipod is then go to the following website n check out
Ipod support

The other thing that might be wrong is that the unit might also be short of power. Charge the ipod n then replug it n then test it if it still isnt wrking then the only final conclusion is that the internal hardisk of the ipod has been improperly formatted

cheerio hope this helped

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