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How to avoid Fake Axxo Torrents & More.
5 December 2007

The anti-filesharing organisations like the MPAA and RIAA use plenty of dirty tricks to spy on filesharers: from spreading viruses to hacking into servers to plant 'evidence', and now they are applying tricks on Bittorrent:

Fake Torrents:

They plant fake torrent files on regular torrent listing sites. The torrent-filename will be similar to what you are used to, like the special way aXXo names his files, for example.

The fake torrents will either have spying trackers attached that record your IP address, or the torrent will download a special type of movieformat which requires a spyware-filled movieplayer that you are tricked into downloading (like the 3wplayer from or, or the DivoCodec, or the DomPlayer). Also, files that are compressed with the WinZix compressor are very likely to be fake.


-- Try to get your torrents from a trusted site, and from a user-account that you know you can trust (check the torrent's comments if there are any).

-- If you've downloaded a file that requires a dodgy movieplayer like 3wplayer, the DivoCodec, or the DomPlayer, then just delete the file and remove the torrent because it is a fake file. If you've already installed that movieplayer: uninstall it, and do a thorough anti-virus and anti-spyware scan of your system.

Some current warnings:

-- ZipTorrent : sends out fake data on purpose to poison the torrent and may also act as spyware. Do not use it.
-- Bitroll, Torrent101, TorrentQ, GetTorrent : spyware. Do not use them.

A few places to get original approved axxo torrents are the following

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