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23 October 2006

1. AXEL ( command-line)
2. Prozilla ( GUI )

1. AXEL :-

It’s mecanism is simple .It opens more than one HTTP/FTP connection per download and each connection transfers its own, separate, part of the file. It may sound weird, but it works very well in practice. For example, some FTP sites limit the speed of each connection, therefore opening more than one connection at a time multiplies the allowable bandwidth. Be forewarned that some FTP operators don’t like it when you do this. It is better to open the additional connections on several servers and download from all of them simultaneously. Axel supports this feature too. You may either specify a list of mirrors to use or tell the program to search for mirrors.

Installing AXEL :-

For Debian users :-

# apt-get install axel

For Others :-

1. Download the tar file :-


( you will use wget for the last time for this i gurantee u ;) )

2.Untar the tarball :-

tar -zxvf axel-1.0b.tar.gz

3.Configure and compile the code :-


4. Install Axel :-

make install

To download a file all you gotta do is :-


Its very fast than wget … as much as 400% ( varies frm server to sever , file to file :D )


One of the drawbacks of axel is that u cant specify the ftp user name and password .For this u can use prozilla an equally fast downloader comes with a decent gui.

u can either install by using apt ( debian users ) or yum ( others ).Or u can download it frm the offical website

u can use it by typing :-

$ proz

SO happy downloading


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