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31 October 2006

---------------------------------------------------------------Google Books Split Wide Open----------------------------------------------------------------------

Google Exploit
Google Book that is is vulnerable to many exploits. This exploit which I am going to discuss right now is discovered by me. And this exploit is not known to the Google Staff.

Vulnerability Research >> Google Book Exploit

This exploit was discovered by me accidently I suppose. I was trying to read a book in Google Book. The Book was 'Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking' - Ankit Fadia. I could easily read excerpts from the book like -

Table of Contents
Copyright Notice

Keyword Exploit
I discovered a menu 'Search this Book' and 'Search all Books', so I entered 'hacking', as I was sure that this is the most common word in the book. Through this keyword 'hacking' atleast 12 search pages came out. This way I could read certain pages of the book.

Reverse Algorithm Attack
This is the best way to read full books in Google Books.

Step-by-Step Process

- Go to
- Type any books name, here we will take 'Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking' - Ankit Fadia
- Click on Search
- Click on the link 'Unofficial Guide to Ethical Hacking' - Ankit Fadia
- Now the front cover will appear on the screen
- Now you will see that there is a option on top Search this Book' and 'Search all Books', and there is a text box beside the options. Type in '1'
- In the search results, search for 'Page1'
- Click on 'Page1'
- The Page 1 will appear
- Click on next page the next page will appear
- Now click next page till you cannont go any further
- Suppose the last page of your view is 'Finding information on the net'
- In that the last word of your view is pot of gold
- Type in pot of gold in the search this book option
- You will be able to view this page as well as next page
- Keep using this algorithm and read the full book.

got this post frm security bay


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