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The Most Advanced Tutorial For Tips n tricks for PhotoShop Users .!
27 January 2007

Very simple and easy to understand!

This short tutorial will teach you how to make many cool effect and technique using Adobe Photoshop.

What's Inside?

Creating a tattoo on somebodies skin
Multi-Color Grunge Text Effect
Fire text
Pleasantville Effect - Desaturate Parts of an image
Candy Cane Text
Blending Effects In photoshop
New! Exploding Icons
Creating A Cow Texture In adobe PhotoshopL
iquify Freeze And Thaw Masks
Embedded Metallic Text Effect
Action ZoomEffect
Water Effect
Twisted Background
Space Background
Ripple Effe
Matrix Effect
Flame Tutorial
Blending Tutorial
2D Abstract
Liquid Gold Effect
Magma Liquid
Abstract Techno Circles
Retro to Photo Effect
Create an Grungy Industrial Signature
Simple, Professional, Clean Website Banner
Photo Aging
Abstract Water Effect
Charred Effect
Grunge Font For Sigs
Grunge Signature Background
Heaven Effect Featuring Elisha Cuthbert
Fire Tentacles
Explosions in photoshop
Retro Dots!
youistina Aguilera Dirty Grunge Poster
Design A Grunge Brush For PS

With Illustrations .. Must Download !!


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