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Spotting a 16-bit application ..
16 February 2007

Because most windows 3.x - based programs run properly under WindowsXP , it's sometimes difficult to distinguish between 16 -bit & 32-bit applications . You can right click on da programs' executable file ( .exe file ) & then choose 'Properties' . If u see a 'Version Tab' , its a 32-bit program .

If the program is running , press 'Ctrl+Shift+Esc' to open the Windows Task Manager . In da 'Processes ' tab , look in the 'Image Name' column for the name of the program's executable file . If any 16-bit programs are running , you'll find an entry for Ntvdm.exe , this virtual DOS machine. Just above this in the list, you'll see indented entries for Wowexec.exe ( the Windows on Windiws subsystem ) & the executable name of each 16-bit program running in that virtual machine .



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