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Mp3 Dancers ! [full version o'course ;)]
24 March 2007

MP3 Dancers are tiny video figures of real dancers who dance at the bottom of your computer screen. After just a few seconds of rhythm testing, a dancer appears on the toolbar of your computer and begins to dance to the exact rhythm of the music, whatever music player you currently use.

Whenever the rhythm changes, the software evaluates the new beat per minute and gives to the dancers a new tempo to dance on.
The free version allow you to see Dancers in silhouette. To change from silhouette figures to true color dancers, you have to join the MP3 Dancers Club.

Some features:

* Customization available (color change, true color appearance, or body transparency).
* Dancers can even dance in silence if you want them to.
* Plus extra plug-ins for special effects.

Download :

Enjoy !


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