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Preventing Sudden PC shut downs
25 July 2007

Annoyance: The pc suddenly shuts down and then i see the led flashing!!

The solution: If the system temperature exceeds a certain limit then the sytem is programmed to automatically shut down so as to avoid damage to heat sensitivi parts like the processor.

first make sure that the outer covers are in place. DOnt ever leave the pc without cause the pc makers design the airflow in such a way that removing the case might actually hamper the airflow. POwer down ur pc then then take out the covers .check the air vents in the covers for dust or other particles that might block the air ventilation. check the fan connections and then replace any broken fan(s).

then after all this is done let the pc cool down for sayy half an hour or so n then turn it back on n check the cpu heat .

Analyze the latest pc hardware and software setup for ur pc

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At Fri Aug 03, 08:42:00 pm 2007, Blogger varun

thanx man this kept me worrying a lot