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12 October 2006

checking and correcting corrupted files

are u seeing a lot of corrupted files that wnt open ir give u a lot of errors when u try to open them?

then the solution is plain n simple it follows

scan disk will test ur drive for file errors and media problems.

start--my computer right click on ur drive and then choose properties. click the check now button in the error-checking area. when the check disk dialouge box opens click the start button to run the test without checking any options. if scan disk returns errors, rerun the test with both disk options selected.

make sure u rescan the drive every few dayz for new errors. if the drive remains error free,it probably works fine. if however u fiond new errors with increasing frequency,the drive may be headed for failure.back up ur files and replace the drive at the earliest

if u cant find the drive option in my computer then u will have to go the the explorer and then right click on the drive that u wanna scan

then go to the tools tab there n then u can scan for errors

u can also check out for disk doctor for spinrite 6.0 or later

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