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22 January 2007

Hide your Folder in XP without any Software

Generally we use 3rd party software to hide any file in Windows. Also the Folder Options>>Hide All Files and Folder is a very weak method to hide files.

A Strong method under Windows XP is also there which allows you to hide a folder without anybody seeing it and it does not require a password also. It is the best possible hideout that Windows can give your folder.

First create a new folder somewhere on your hard drive, when you name it hold down “Alt” and press “0160″. This will create an invisible space so it will appear as if it has no name. Then right click in and select “Properties” select the tab “customize” and select “change icon”. Scroll along and you should find a few blank spaces. Click on any one and click ok. The folder will be invisible to hide all your personal files….

Alt+255 also works. Now you can even make it a hidden folder by going to its properties and now you have a hidden folder.

You just gotta remember where you saved it to open.


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