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Put Any Site On Yur Desktop in XP !
22 January 2007

To start...right click anywhere on your desktop and choose Properties > Desktop > Customize Desktop > Web. You should be at this window:
Click on the New button and type the address of the Web Site you would like to have as your desktop.
Click Ok
On the next window you have the option to customize the Desktop Synchronization. Click Customize, then next and select how you want it to synchronize. If your using a website that requires a password enter it now and click finish.
Click Ok.
Windows will then synchronize the page to make it available for your desktop.
Make sure the Lock desktop Items box is NOT checked as you will not be able to move it around once complete. Click Ok, then Ok again on the last window.
You should now have a box on your desktop which will load your desktop website.
You can click up at the corner of the window to maximize it or you can drag it to suit it to your needs.
Now you have a fully functional web desktop. You can click on links from that to navigate, or if your using google, you can simply enter your search directly into the box.


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