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Convert WMA to MP3 for your MP3 players
4 August 2007

Several software music players and mp3 players do not support WMA files at all. WMA, Windows Media Audio, is a format that was developed by Microsoft and initially designed to compete with the popular mp3 format.

WMA however never received the popularity of the mp3 format and many people including myself wink don’t like WMA.

Converting WMA to MP3 is one solution to get rid of WMA files and make them playable in your software and mp3 players. The easy way to convert wma audio files to mp3 is to use the software titled “Free WMA to MP3 Converter”.

The WMA to MP3 converter is probably not the fastest one out there or with the greatest functionality but it does exactly what you can expect of it.

The time taken for the conversion will depend upon on the cpu that you have. But, but can be considered fast in most cases.

* Besides WMA, it can also convert ASF files to MP3. You can also rip the sound from the WMV files into MP3.

* You can select and convert multiple files at once without having to convert every file separately.

* And it’s free.

Download Free WMA to MP3 Convertor


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