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How to search for Rapidshare files ???
5 August 2007

Rapidshare is still the biggest file upload site on the internet. It is also one of the messiest and hard to work out sites that I came upon. sad

There is no way to search for files hosted on itself. The only way that was known to me was to use a Google search exclusively for Rapidshare. ( keywords)

This is not an ideal situation, many links found by Google are already dead at Rapidshare and the overall process takes too much time.

However, you can use other websites which provide the facility to search Rapidshare for files and you can be sure that the links are not dead. smile

Searching Rapidshare using Rapidfox

You should be very cautious downloading anything that has an executable from Rapidshare, make sure your virus scanner is up to date before you start unpacking and installing files.

I personally think that Rapidfox offers a good alternative to Google searching Rapidshare. One should also consider that files uploaded to Rapidshare are supposed to be private.

It could very well be that a user uploads a full version of a software that he purchased because he wants to install it on a different computer as well.

Search for files using RapidFox...


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At Thu Sep 13, 02:00:00 pm 2007, Anonymous Martin

I prefer to use one of the various free rapidshare searching sites on the web.


At Thu Sep 20, 01:33:00 am 2007, Anonymous hela

there is a good site to search free rapidshare: