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How To recover Lost XP Password
5 August 2007

To gain access to the Windows XP system, when you’ve lost the password, you can do these things.

Reset the password

If you have any other administrator account besides your own, you can ask the other user on the system to reset your Windows XP password from the control panel. Or you can yourself use the following dos command to reset the password:

Net user “username” 123456

Replace the ‘username’ above with your username on the pc and 123456 becomes your new password. Now you can access your account using your new password (123456).

Recover the password (if you have access to internet enabled computer)

If you want to recover the password, you can use Login recovery for this purpose. Download the image file from there. Put it up in a floppy or burn it into a CD.

Start your computer using the newly created floppy disk or CD, your encrypted password will be automatically saved to the floppy disk.

Then upload the encrypted password file (A:\UPLOAD.TXT) to Login recovery and enter your email address. Your password will be emailed to you. Now how simple is that.


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